Cleo Odzer

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Hi and welcome to this fansite for lovely Cleo Odzer. Here in this site you'll find nice galleries and good information as well. I hope you like the site as I enjoyed building it, please notice that behind there is a lot of work. I do not hold the copyright of any of the pictures displayed in this site, the copyright belongs to the owner of the pic. If you wish your picture being removed, please contact me, thank you very much. Very special thanks to Bev. This site is for you!!

No content from this website belongs to CLEO-ODZER[DOT]WEBS[DOT]COM or any of its maintainers. No profit is made with this site, it is for entertainment only. We do not claim any copyright on the images displayed here. Credit goes to their respective agencies and wonderful photographers. If any problems, please E-MAIL THE STAFF before taking any legal actions.